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Agricultural Biotechnology Journal is a peer-reviewed journal that is published in Persian (Farsi) full papers (Abstract both in Persian and English languages) as a printed journal and in electronic form jointly by Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman and the Iranian Biotechnology Society. The general mission of the Agricultural Biotechnology Journal is to promote communication and collaboration among individuals and organizations associated with the agricultural biotechnology sector and related technologies. Papers in Agricultural Biotechnology Journal focus on discovering, disseminating, and applying knowledge for the sustainable use of agricultural biotechnology. Agricultural Biotechnology Journal publishes the highest quality original contributions dealing with plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, genetic engineering, plant and animal molecular markers, plant and animal tissue culture, and food industry biotechnology.

Four essential files that must be submitted through the manuscript submission system: 1. The main file of the manuscript (without the names of the authors), 2. Title page in the mentioned format, 3. Copyright agreement form (must include the title of the article and the name and surname of all authors and be signed by all authors), and 4. Conflict of Interest Form (must be signed by the responsible author and uploaded with the article file).

Agricultural Biotechnology Journal by Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman and Iranian Biotechnology Society is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4, December 2022 

Genetic Relationships of Pistacia Species and Cultivars by SCoT Markers

Pages 1-20


Mohsen Saadlou Parizi; Sodabeh Jahanbakhsh Godehkahriz; Hosein Dashti; Roohallah Saberi Riseh; Hojjat Hashemi Nasab

Identification of genes involved in ion transport under high salinity stress in rice seedlings

Pages 69-84


Mojdeh Akbarzadeh Lelekami; Mohammad Hadi Pahlevani; Khalil Zaynali Nezhad; Keyvan Mahdavi Mashaki; Andreas P.M. Weber; Dominik Brilhaus

Study of miRNAs involved in drought and salt stress stresses and ontology of target genes in Brassica species

Pages 103-132


Neda Zolfaghari Khutbehsera; Mohammad Mohsenzadeh Golfazani; Mohammad Mehdi Taghvaei; Habibollah Samizadeh Lahiji

Population structure identification of Turkmen and Darehshori horses using PCA, DAPC, and SPC methods

Pages 201-220


Ghazaleh Javanmard; Mohammad Moradi Shahrbabak; Hossein Moradi shahrbabak; Javad Rahmaninia; Mahdi Abbasi Firoozjaei; Mohammad Bagher Zandi

Evaluation of Transcription Response to Drought Stress in Rice Using RNA-seq Meta-analysis

Pages 221-246


Shima Karami; Behrouz Shiran; Rudabeh Ravash; Hossein Fallahi; Arghavan Alisolitani

Weighted gene co-expressed network analysis in barley and expression of hub genes involved at germination stage

Pages 247-267


Zohreh Hajibarat; Abbas Saidi; Mohammad Reza Ghaffari; Mehrshad Zeinolabedini; Zahra Hajibarat

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