Leptin gene expression in Raini Cashmere goat using Real Time PCR

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, College of Agriculture, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

2 Key Laboratory of Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction of Shaanxi Province, College of Animal Science and Technology, Northwest A&F University, Yangling, 712100, China


Raini Cashmere goat is one of the most important goat breeds in Iran. These animals are breed both for meat production and cashmere production. One of the basic measures in the domestic animals is the study of genes and proteins associated with economic traits and their study at cellular or chromosomal levels. One of these important genes is the leptin. Leptin is produced by white adipose tissue and plays an important role in the regulation of feed intake, energy balance, fertility and immune functions. The aim of this research was to study leptin gene expression in adipose tissue, liver, kidney, lung and heart of Raini Cashmere goat using Real Time PCR technique.
Materials and methods
Tissue sampling from heart, lung, liver, kidney and adipose tissue (3 replicates from each tissue) of 6 animals was performed and RNA was extracted. Extracted RNA were immediately stored at -80°C.The Quality and quantity of RNA were evaluated and cDNA was synthesized and Real Time PCR was performed. PCR Products were electrophoresed on 1.5% agarose gel. Melting curves from Real Time PCR were examined and were evaluated different levels of expression in the studied different tissues.
The results of Real Time PCR curves and observation of electrophoresis of PCR products on agarose gel showed that the leptin gene was expressed in all the tested tissues and the highest level of expression was observed in adipose tissue (4.5) and liver (3.7) and the lowest level was detected in heart (1.4).
These results may show that leptin plays a particular role in fat metabolism. Further studies are needed to clarify role of leptin in the physiology of fat metabolism and other materials. This would help us to better understand the mechanisms for the known effect of nutritional factors and body fatness on various functions.


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